In Martín Lechado Legal and Financial Consultancy we offer comprehensive services of labour, tax, accounting and legal advice.

We also accompany you and collaborate closely in the day to day work of your company, aiming to maximize savings for your company and reduce your tax burden with the professional experience and training gained over more than thirty years.

What we offer you


    • General tax advice and tax planning.
    • Deferrals management.
    • Assistance and representation in tax inspections.
    • Tax advice on specific matters (non-residents, inheritances, real estate purchases and sales).
    • Management and processing of different tax liabilities.
    • Taxes on income and wealth.

    • Consultancy, accountancy and year-ending financial planning.
    • Accounting updates.
    • Preparation, presentation and filing of the annual accounts.
    • Analytical costs.
    • Preparation of official accounts.
    • Accountancy treatment of different business operations.

    • Registering and deregistering salaried workers and self-employed workers.
    • Registration in the Electronic Notification Service of Social Security (NOTESS).
    • Workplace accidents.
    • Administrative management of payroll and social security contributions.
    • Drafting and processing of employment contracts in Social Security, deductions and special working conditions.
    • Employee Portal.
    • Dismissals.
    • Work inspections.
    • Benefits, retirements and disabilities.

    • Analysis of companies and economic studies.
    • Company Formation (trading and non-profit companies, legal persons …).
    • Assistance with the different Public Administrations, Notaries and Registries. Representation before the Tax Agency and Social Security.
    • Client Portal: Premium clients will have access to all their documentation. They can request all kinds of accounting balances indicating limits, access to their company ratios, labour information, collaboration in registering new employees and many other features. It consists of a platform in which you can keep all the information and documents of your company. This tool allows all the information to be centralized and is very useful to improve communication between the Consultancy and client..

    • Loan contracts, debt acknowledgement, leases.
    • Wills, Probate and Inheritances.
    • Real estate.
    • Immigration law.
    • Company formation and registration.
    • Creation and start-up of SMEs.
    • Corporate law.